Starting Point

Obama campaign Adviser Michele Flournoy: Pres. clear in his determination to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon

Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is slated to deliver his U.N. speech later today at the U.N. general assembly. the Iranian president follows president Obama’s speech in which he laid out clear opposition to any encroachment on a nuclear Iran. co-chair, Obama campaign national security advisory committee, Michele Flournoy speaks to John Berman and Christine Romans on “starting point” about Obama’s speech.

Flournoy who also served as the Under Secy. of Defense for Policy in the Obama Administration says the president has imposed “the most crippling sanctions ever imposed on any country.” Flournoy adds that Obama’s option to apply the use of force if necessary is “very real,” adding however that “we should still give diplomacy time to work.”

Flournoy says the president has been “consistently clear” in his determination to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, although Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been urging the U.S. to set a “red line” for Iran. The former Under Secy of defense says a red line has been laid out to prevent Iran from getting a weapon. Flournoy adds that the Obama administration has “worked very closely in a number of areas on diplomacy and on sanctions to try and further isolate Iran and get them to change their decision making calculus and give up the quest for making a bomb.”

Flournoy says the international community still has time to sort things out with Iran because their facilities are monitored under IEA safeguards and “there’s a lot that [the U.S.] would see if they were to start to dash towards a bomb.”