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OCEARCH Founder Chris Fischer tracks great white shark 200 yards off Florida coast; warns police

It's a good thing it's not beach season, because a massive great white shark is vacationing close to the Florida coast.

A group of researchers from "OCEARCH" yanked the 35-hundred-pound, 16-foot-long shark out of the water in September, just off the coast of Cape Cod, Mass. They Nicknamed Her "Mary Lee," and she’s being tracked and monitored via GPS by the research group on their website, where you can see her activity from the last 72 hours.

When OCEARCH saw how close Mary Lee came to Jacksonville Beach yesterday—just 200 yards away—they alerted the Jacksonville Beach police. Chris Fischer is the Founder of OCEARCH. He tagged Mary Lee himself, and called Jacksonville Beach Police all the way from Utah to get the warning out. Police told people to stay away. Fischer joins us live this morning with more. Fischer says he named the shark after his mother, who is eager to know if she will be having any "grand sharks".