Starting Point

FRC's Perkins: Gays in Boy Scouts doesn't 'pass the parent test'

The Boy Scouts of America is expected to announce as early as today whether or not it's long-standing ban on gay scouts and leaders will be lifted.

The Family Research council and 41 allied organization ran an ad in USA Today this morning urging the Scouts to stay true to their "timeless values" and not to surrender to financial or political pressures by corporate elites on the issue of homosexuality.

FRC's president Tony Perkins echoes this sentiment on Starting Point this morning, saying that "the question before the Scouts is are we going to continue on our mission or are we going to cave into corporate dollars."

Explaining that he wouldn't let his daughters go on a camping trip with heterosexual males, Perkins says that having gays in the Boy Scouts doesn't "pass the parent test."

"The Boy Scouts have had a long history of struggling with an issue of protecting the boys," Perkins says. "They have not been able to create the perfect environment but they’re doing what they can. The question they need to ask is will this help us and will it make for a safer environment."