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Attorney Tom Mesereau: AEG arguments in Jackson death trial may backfire


Los Angeles (CNN) - AEG Live's lawyer warned jurors that "we're going to show some ugly stuff" as he began the defense's opening statement in the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial Monday.

The concert promoter has no choice to reveal Jackson's "deepest, darkest secret" because the company must defend itself from the accusation from Jackson's family that it is responsible for the pop icon's death, Marvin Putnam said.

And so begins a trial, which could last several months, that promises dramatic revelations and legal fireworks. With opening statements delivered, the Jackson's call their first witness Tuesday morning - Orlando Martinez, the Los Angeles Police detective who investigated Jackson's death.

This morning on "Starting Point," Tom Mesereau, former atty for Michael Jackson, explains why he thinks AEG's arguments in wrongful death case could backfire.

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