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April 30th, 2013
11:39 AM ET

Were intelligence sharing issues at play in the investigation of Tamerlan Tsarnaev? Washington Post's Dana Priest explains

Washington Post's Dana Priest on latest FRONTLINE special looking at sharing intelligence across agencies since 9/11.

The FRONTLINE special "Top Secret America–9/11 to the Boston Bombings" will air Tuesday, April 30 at 10 p.m. on PBS.

April 30th, 2013
11:27 AM ET

Collins fmr. high school coach: 'We were very proud of him' for coming out

On Monday, NBA center Jason Collins revealed he is gay in a "Sports Illustrated" essay, making him the first openly gay player still active in a major pro sports team in the U.S. His public revelation garnered support from players, coaches and fans.

President Obama also took note, calling Collins "to express his support and said he was impressed by his courage," a White House official told CNN. First lady Michelle Obama also showed her support for Collins on Twitter.

This morning on "Starting Point," Collins' fmr. high school basketball coach Greg Hilliard joins “Starting Point” to discuss the announcement.

Hilliard, who still coaches at the Harvard-Westlake school in Los Angeles, says he reached out to his former student after the essay was released to “let him know we were very proud of him.”

“The whole community out here is supportive of him taking that first step and wanted to let him know we will be with him in the rest of the steps,” he adds.

On whether or not he was surprised by the reaction and support, Hilliard says “I think the support is great… now that we've heard the news are just eager to be there for him and let him know that we admire his courage and he is exactly who we knew he was, and the perfect guy for this role.”

Hilliard says Collins will definitely face challenges, both one-on-one and through the media.

“I think he's the guy who is strong enough to deal with this,” Hilliard says.

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April 30th, 2013
11:17 AM ET

Attorney Tom Mesereau: AEG arguments in Jackson death trial may backfire


Los Angeles (CNN) - AEG Live's lawyer warned jurors that "we're going to show some ugly stuff" as he began the defense's opening statement in the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial Monday.

The concert promoter has no choice to reveal Jackson's "deepest, darkest secret" because the company must defend itself from the accusation from Jackson's family that it is responsible for the pop icon's death, Marvin Putnam said.

And so begins a trial, which could last several months, that promises dramatic revelations and legal fireworks. With opening statements delivered, the Jackson's call their first witness Tuesday morning - Orlando Martinez, the Los Angeles Police detective who investigated Jackson's death.

This morning on "Starting Point," Tom Mesereau, former atty for Michael Jackson, explains why he thinks AEG's arguments in wrongful death case could backfire.

READ MORE: AEG lawyer: 'Ugly stuff' to come in Michael Jackson death trial

April 30th, 2013
11:11 AM ET

Does Collins coming out change the pro athlete game?

Wade Davis, a former NFL player who came out last year, and Athlete Ally founder Hudson Taylor on how NBA player Jason Collins coming out could change the way pro sports views sexual orientation.

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April 30th, 2013
10:42 AM ET

Golden State Warriors president: Collins is paving way for others, coming out will take dialogue 'a real step forward'

Golden State Warriors president Rick Welts on Jason Collins' coming out and what it could mean for pro basketball.

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April 30th, 2013
10:37 AM ET

Importance of not jumping to conclusions in Boston bombing investigation – Fmr. MI6 director weighs in

Richard Barrett, fmr. dir of MI6 counter terrorist operations and senior director of the The Soufan Group, weighs in on the investigation into the Boston marathon bombing. He explains the potential reasons why female DNA was found on the explosives, how Tamerlan Tsarnaev's widow could fold into the investigation and the importance of working leads in Russia.

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April 29th, 2013
11:06 AM ET

Six months later, Hurricane Sandy victim Patricia Dresch still struggles to recover

Six months ago, Hurricane Sandy ravaged the northeast and Staten Island, which suffered some of the worst devastation. Residents are still struggling to recover from the storm.

One of the more powerful stories is that of Pat Dresch, whose husband and 13-year-old daughter were among 24 Staten Island residents to lose their lives in that storm. Pat talks with Christine on "Starting Point" this morning to share how she's recovering just six months after the devastating storm. She's joined by Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY) to talk about where things stand in terms of recovery funding.

Read on for a transcript from the interview.


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April 29th, 2013
09:56 AM ET

Will Michael Jackson medical records be released in wrongful death trial? Anne Bremner weighs in

Criminal defense attorney Anne Bremner weighs in on the key arguments in the opening of the Michael Jackson death trial.

April 29th, 2013
09:29 AM ET

W.H. Correspondents' Dinner through the eyes of attendees – Burson-Marsteller's Don Baer weighs in

On Saturday, the stars of Washington and Hollywood gathered to roast themselves, raise money and award excellence in journalism at the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner. TBS late-night talk show host Conan O’Brien and President Obama hit it out of the park with continuous zingers.

One of the attendees was Don Baer, a fmr. senior advisor to President Clinton, who shares his behind-the-scenes look of the highlights of the dinner.

Baer, who currently serves as the CEO of Burson-Marsteller, says the room “loved the President's remarks and they loved Conan’s remarks.”

“One of the things about the President I've noticed...he has great comic timing in terms of his delivery. I think Conan maybe should watch out, because perhaps when the President is done in the White House, he might become a late night television host,” Baer says.

Baer also weighs in on whether President Obama's remarks were too close to comfort.

“I don't think so," Baer says. "There's so much attention and focus paid on the divisiveness in Washington...this is a moment when people come together and are able to appreciate one another in a social setting.”

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April 29th, 2013
08:45 AM ET

Tsarnaev parents: U.S. travel plan changing due to fathers 'really bad condition'

CNN's Nick Paton Walsh on his recent conversation with Zubeidat & Anzor Tsarnaev, parents of Boston Marathon suspect Dzhokhar.

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