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February 1st, 2013
12:05 PM ET

Will Hyundai score big with Super Bowl 'Team' ad? Kids stars and company rep on making the spot

Automaker Hyundai will have five ads running during Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday. One ad in particular called “Team,” showcases the 2013 Santa Fe and features a youngster who uses the car to recruit his ultimate dream of kids to beat the neighborhood bullies in a game of football.

This morning Hyundai vice president of marketing Steve Shannon and several members of "the team," including Jaeden Lieberher, Matthew Royer, Benjamin Royer, Dusan Brown, Ethan Munck, and Lance Butler join “Starting Point” to discuss the ad and what it was like shooting the commercial.

Shannon says Hyundai’s goal for this particular commercial featuring children was getting consumers to see the usefulness of the seven-passenger vehicle. He adds that the commercial “shows what the Santa Fe can do to help you assemble your team – in their case their team to take on the local troublemakers.”

Lieberher who plays the hero kid says the ad playing at the Super Bowl is “awesome but its going to be a little scary but I’m excited.” Fellow child actor, Brown says he has done a lot of commercials and this experience “wasn’t anything new” for him. He adds, “I knew that I had to come and do what I needed to do so I pretty much just went in there and did what they told me to do.”

Hyundai also made a special custom commercial featuring seven MVP's of "Starting Point." Check it out below.

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