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May 8th, 2013
08:45 AM ET

Family member of suspects expresses shock about Castro brothers, support for Ohio women's recovery

Maria Castro Montes is the cousin of the Castro brothers. She reacts to the revelations about her cousins, shedding light on their past and details about the estranged relationship she shared with them. "We are shocked with some of the things that are coming to light," she says. Montes also expresses support for the women they allegedly kept captive for years.

She says the family is fully behind the women, more concerned about their wellbeing and apologetic for what they endured "at the hands of someone that is a part of our family...We are so happy for them and at the same time we are so heavy hearted."

Meanwhile, Montes says the family and the suspects’ neighbors “never saw a dark side” to her cousins. “There was never anything that this family saw," she says. "If we had had any inclination, any suspicions of anything, no one in this family would have remained quiet.”