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June 3rd, 2013
11:04 AM ET

Ten-year old Sarah in desperate needs for lung transplant: CNN's Jason Carrol reports

Ten-year-old Sarah has cystic fibrosis, and has been waiting on the child donor list for a new lung 18 months. Sarah has cystic fibrosis, and has been waiting on the child donor list for a new lung 18 months. CNN's Jason Carrol reports on her family's desperate plea to the government for help.

There is a shortage of child lung donations. According to federal guidelines Sarah is not old enough to receive an adult lung. She is 10-years-old the cut off for an adult lung is 12-years-old.

Her family has appealed to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to try to get Sarah priority on the adult donor list, but so far has failed. Sebelius says she will order a transplant review, but any changes could take years to achieve, and Sarah is running out of time.

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September 10th, 2012
01:43 PM ET

Randy Jackson on returning for American Idol’s 12th season: ‘Just don’t believe everything you hear’

American Idol has put countless unknowns on the map. From Kelly Clarkson to Katharine McPhee and many others, it has made stars out of ordinary people and extraordinary singers. But it’s also made bigger stars out of its famous judges. American Idol returns for its twelfth season this January, though it’s unclear if the show’s original judge, Grammy Award winning producer Randy Jackson will be returning. Jackson comes to “Starting Point” this morning to talk about the rumors behind who will fill the seats for former judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, and maybe his own, and a cause that’s very important to him, diabetes education and awareness.

Jackson doesn’t confirm whether he will stay or go. “American Idol is an amazing show,” Jackson only says. “Just don’t believe everything you hear,” he adds. He does confirm, however, that Mariah Carrie will be one of the new hosts.

Jackson also openly discusses his fight against diabetes. “I’m suffering with type 2 diabetes,” he says. “When I was diagnosed back in 2003, I didn’t know that I had it.” He acknowledges that, like him, many are unaware that they have it. So he’s teamed up with American Idol to get the word out with the educational and awareness program called “Taking Diabetes to Heart.”

“I stress people to go and see their doctor often,” Jackson says. “This is something that’s kinda very near and dear to my heart.” Jackson feels “there’s never enough information out there to help people.” And Jackson goes by a message his dad would always tell him, “’It’s not what you hear; sometimes it’s who you hear it from. 'So listen to the dawg, baby!”

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July 9th, 2012
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Possible breakthrough in Cambodia mystery illness? Dr. Sanjay Gupta on the virus that could be sickening many

There's a possible breakthrough in Cambodia, where health workers are trying desperately to figure out what caused the mysterious deaths of 64 children.

Samples taken from 24 of the patients found more than half tested positive for Enterovirus Type 71. That's a common cause of hand, foot and mouth disease that can also be responsible for severe neurological complications, especially in children.

CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta reported live from Cambodia on "Starting Point" this morning to explain where things stand.


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July 6th, 2012
11:42 AM ET

Little-known Chagas disease grows in US

Dr. Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine, on neglected tropical diseases in Texas & Gulf Coast.

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