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December 10th, 2012
10:05 AM ET

Gold medalist Gabrielle Douglas on her journey to the Olympics in her new book, 'Grace, Gold & Glory'

In the London Olympics this summer, Gabrielle Douglas made history by becoming the first American gymnast to win both a team and individual gold medal in the same Olympic Games. Douglas has now written a book about her incredible journey to the Olympic podium called "Grace, Gold & Glory."

Douglas tells Soledad O'Brien this morning on "Starting Point" that right before the start of the Olympic Games, she considered quitting gymnastics and working at Chick-fil-A because she was homesick for her family, but her brother convinced her to go. "We've always been two peas in a pod ever since we were little, so he just told me to keep going and push yourself," she says.

In the book, Douglas opens up about the struggles her family has faced, including being homeless. She attributes the source of her strength to her faith and her mother. "I think the thing that's gotten me through was my mom. She's a fighter, and she sacrificed pretty much everything for me to accomplish my dreams."

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