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September 24th, 2012
01:29 PM ET

Get Real: A flight attendant forgets she brought a loaded gun to work in her purse

A Republic Airlines flight attendant forgets that she had a loaded gun in her purse when she arrived for work. But since Jaclyn Luby has a permit, she was only cited with disorderly conduct and released.

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September 21st, 2012
09:50 AM ET

Get Real! Secret recording catches Paris Hilton talking about Grindr, says gay men 'disgusting'

The Starting Point team discusses the backlash against Paris Hilton after a secret recording of reality star was published where she was talking about Grindr, an app used for hookups.

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September 20th, 2012
08:33 AM ET

GET REAL: Florida mom arrested for a fight with her son’s accused bully

A Florida mom was arrested for sticking up to her son’s 17-year-old bully at a bus stop yesterday. The fight continued on the bus, and her son says he’s proud of his mom for defending him.

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September 18th, 2012
10:29 AM ET

Get Real: Rep. Todd Akin's wife compares GOP treatment of husband to rape

Rep. Todd Akin's wife Lulli has raised eyebrows by comparing the Republican party's treatment of her husband to rape in an interview with the National Journal.

After Rep. Akin made comments last month about a woman's ability to "shut down" to prevent pregnancy during a "legitimate rape," the party pulled funding for his Senate campaign.

Kin's wife compared the GOP's conduct to the tyrannical party bosses of 1776, saying that that's when colonoists "rose up and said, not in my home, you don't come and rape my daughters and my wife...but that is where we are again."

Soledad O'Brien and the Starting Point panelists weighs in on her comment on the show this morning.

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September 17th, 2012
09:53 AM ET

Get Real! Security firm launches 'Zombie Apocalypse' training

HALO Corp. security firm has announced 'Zombie Apocalypse training' as part of its counter-terrorism summit next month.

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September 10th, 2012
01:31 PM ET

Get Real! Pole dancing classes for kids as young as five?

A dance studio in Canada called "Twisted Grip" is offering pole-dancing classes for children as young as five as a form of exercise.

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August 24th, 2012
10:08 AM ET

Get Real! Footwear scanner fail

TSA has rejected devices after they failed to pass tests for detecting explosives and metal weapons in shoes.

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August 23rd, 2012
01:08 PM ET

Tough Call: 5-year-old banned from wearing shirt?

One Oklahoma kindergartener was banned from wearing a University of Michigan shirt to school.

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August 23rd, 2012
11:03 AM ET

Get Real! School's 'Seniores & Senioritas' event called insulting, insensitive

A high school in Anaheim, CA is under fire for what they call 'Seniores & Senioritas' day, an annual celebration for the senior class.

This year, some students dressed as gang members, one dressed as a pregnant woman pushing a baby stroller. Others were dressed as the border patrol. The Los Angeles Times had a picture from the school on its homepage today.

Canyon High School now taking a lot of heat for allowing the demeaning costumes during senior week. It happened for the last three years at the school.

According to the LA Times database of California schools, a racial breakdown of the school shows 55% are white students, with about 16% Latino. School officials say next year the event will be replaced with an international week, plus administrators will undergo diversity and sensitivity training. The school will also offer an ethnic studies class.

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August 22nd, 2012
10:37 AM ET

Get Real! USPS's Simpsons stamp surplus

The USPS is stuck with 682 million unsold stamps of "The Simpsons" cartoon.

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