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January 11th, 2013
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'Your Killer Emotions' author and life coach Ken Lindner on 7 steps to a happier life

Ever had a moment where you have gotten upset and made a poor decision? “The Life-Choice Coach,” Ken Lindner says he knows how to control those urges which will ultimately lead to success, personally and at work. Lindner, author of "Your Killer Emotions: 7 Steps To Mastering The Toxic Emotions, Urges, And Impulses That Sabotage You" joins “Starting Point” this morning to discuss his new book and how it will help others make life-enhancing personal and professional decisions.

Linder who has counseled people for over three decades on making positive life choices says, “The one thing that has stood out is that you can be brilliant, you can have the best life strategies but if you make a decision when you’re angry, when you’re hurt, when you feel resentful, jealous – you can make a toxic decision.” He says people make that that toxic decision “because you want to opt for a quick fix, you want to retaliate quickly, you want to feel good.”

When it comes to keeping you emotions in check Linder says “you never want to make a life choice when you are overwhelmed with emotions.” To deal with the emotions properly, Linden says you should “step back, you want to be cognitively clear and you want to make a strategic choice.” He adds figuring out ahead of time what you want out of every interaction is one of the best things you can do in an emotional state.

“Fear can be positive, anger if it catalyzes you to do something positive can be very very good,” says Linder. He goes on to say that “emotions per say aren’t positive or negative. It’s the expression of the emotion which is positive or negative.” He says there are certain life steps that can be taken to achieve any goal but the key to acting them out is being “cognitively clear.” Linder says his book explains just how to use your emotions to get to a level of clearness.

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April 6th, 2012
12:09 PM ET

What's the happiest country in the world? It's not the U.S. – Happiness expert Gretchen Rubin explains how Americans can be happier

The first ever "World Happiness Report" was released by the United Nations this week. It ranks the level of happiness in 156 countries around the world. Sadly, United States does not even break the top 10 (but we're holding strong at #11).

The top five countries are:
1- Denmark
2- Finland
3- Norway
4- Netherlands
5- Canada

How can American increase their happiness quotient? Soledad talks with Gretchen Rubin this morning on "Starting Point," an author literally wrote the book on happiness, called "The Happiness Project." She explains what this report means for the state of happiness in the U.S. and what people can do to increase their happiness just a little bit on a daily basis.

Read the entire report here.

We want to hear from you: Do you consider yourself to be a happy person? What are your secrets for happiness? Share in the comments section below.

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