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March 6th, 2013
11:26 AM ET

Homeless teen inspires non-profit foundation after walk for work goes viral

Jhaqueil Reagan is an 18-year-old who dropped out of high school to help take care of his siblings after their mother died. Late last month, in the middle of a winter storm that shut down public transportation, he embarked on a 10-mile walk to interview for a minimum wage job. On that walk, his path crossed with restaurant owner, who was so impressed that he gave Reagan a job. The restaurant owner, Art Bouvier posted his experience with Reagan on Facebook. That post has been "liked" almost 27,000 times, and has been shared close to 7,000 times. This morning they join “Starting Point” to share their amazing story.

Reagan who did not have money for the bus or an alternate means of transportation to the interview says his, “only reliable source was [his] own two legs.”

Bouvier says he was incredibly impressed by Reagan’s dedication to get to the job interview with just the hope of securing a job. After talking with his wife, Bouvier says he decided Reagan was “probably going to be a kid who’s going to show up every time he’s scheduled.”

With his new job a lot has changed for Reagan who was once homeless. He says, “I’ve got myself an apartment now, I’m staying with my fiancé and her son, I mean it couldn’t be better.”

Recently Reagan started the Jhaqueil Reagan Foundation in order to help disadvantaged people find work.

To donate, send checks to: Jhaqueil Reagan Foundation 973 N Shadeland Box 323 Indianapolis, IN 46219.

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February 6th, 2013
11:41 AM ET

Mysteries of the male mind revealed by Rev Run and Tyrese in new book 'Manology'

Ever wonder about what is going on inside a man’s brain when it comes to dating and relationships? A new book by singer Tyrese Gibson and Rev Run of Run DMC offers insight to the inner thoughts of a man's mind, life lessons and how to find happiness in your relationships.

The book called "Manology," came about after an unexpected disagreement between the two music stars on whether or not marriage is truly meant to last forever. This morning, Tyrese and Rev Run talk with Soledad O'Brien on “Starting Point” to further discuss some of the secrets of the male mind and ultimately help both men and women be more successful in their relationships.

Tyrese, a single dad of a five-year-old girl, admits that he is still hesitant to settle down but the book has advice that can help him and other men “in transition” figure out what their next move is. The Grammy-nominated singer adds that he believes in “getting things out of your system before you finally settle down.”

Rev Run, a married father of six, says the biggest mistake that women make is trying to bring a man into their life before they have their own life.

“The self-love is what you need to have," he says. "Once you create the self-love then you can go out and find love. Many women get lonely or needy and I like to tell them that just because you’re boyless doesn’t mean you have to be joyless.” He says when women create a life built around self-love it is viewed as highly attractive and “that’s how Beyonce got Jay-Z...her being busy and her also being feminine when she was with Jay is what closed it.”

The book also discusses women who share too much information too soon. Tyrese says that when women first meet a man they should “shut up” and stop “spilling your guts over exposing too much information about things you went through in the past.”

He explains that when a man first meets a woman he likely thinks of her as an A+ and by going into multitudes of details about disfunction, infidelity or other situations in your life, “you’ve now devalued yourself” to a D-.

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January 11th, 2013
10:05 AM ET

'Your Killer Emotions' author and life coach Ken Lindner on 7 steps to a happier life

Ever had a moment where you have gotten upset and made a poor decision? “The Life-Choice Coach,” Ken Lindner says he knows how to control those urges which will ultimately lead to success, personally and at work. Lindner, author of "Your Killer Emotions: 7 Steps To Mastering The Toxic Emotions, Urges, And Impulses That Sabotage You" joins “Starting Point” this morning to discuss his new book and how it will help others make life-enhancing personal and professional decisions.

Linder who has counseled people for over three decades on making positive life choices says, “The one thing that has stood out is that you can be brilliant, you can have the best life strategies but if you make a decision when you’re angry, when you’re hurt, when you feel resentful, jealous – you can make a toxic decision.” He says people make that that toxic decision “because you want to opt for a quick fix, you want to retaliate quickly, you want to feel good.”

When it comes to keeping you emotions in check Linder says “you never want to make a life choice when you are overwhelmed with emotions.” To deal with the emotions properly, Linden says you should “step back, you want to be cognitively clear and you want to make a strategic choice.” He adds figuring out ahead of time what you want out of every interaction is one of the best things you can do in an emotional state.

“Fear can be positive, anger if it catalyzes you to do something positive can be very very good,” says Linder. He goes on to say that “emotions per say aren’t positive or negative. It’s the expression of the emotion which is positive or negative.” He says there are certain life steps that can be taken to achieve any goal but the key to acting them out is being “cognitively clear.” Linder says his book explains just how to use your emotions to get to a level of clearness.

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January 1st, 2013
10:00 AM ET

Top Newsmakers of 2012 and an insightful look ahead to 2013

From reality television stars like Honey Boo Boo to sports sensations like Jeremy Lin, 2012 was a year that kept many people fascinated and glued to their TVs. CNN Contributors Ana Navarro and Hilary Rosen weigh in on some of the top newsmakers of 2012 as well as their predictions of who will make news in 2013.

Rosen who is also a democratic strategist says one of the most silent and yet sensational stories of the year revolved around “campaign geeks taking over politics.” She adds, “election analytics are really so important to why Barack Obama won. You know that hidden group of guys that they hired and women that spent a year behind their laptops in campaign headquarters in Chicago made the difference showing where to pull out the vote.”

Republican strategist Ana Navarro agrees with Rosen, “I told my republican counterparts we need more geeks, we need less nerds and more geeks and there’s a difference between the two.” Navarro says that for her Malala Yousafzai is her top pick because she “really has shown such perseverance.” Navarro goes on to say that Yousafzai gives her hope as a woman and “is such an example for young girls all over the world.”

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December 5th, 2012
12:20 PM ET

An Oregon Couple shares their story after they were trapped in car crushed by a fallen tree

In Canby, Oregon a husband and wife were trapped in a car in their driveway after a tree fell on their vehicle. The 100-foot tall fir tree ended up crushing the roof and shattering the front windshield. Somehow, the couple inside the car survived and escaped relatively unharmed. Chris Natelborg who was in the driver's seat of that car suffered a fractured shoulder, while his wife Tymona walked away with barely a scratch. This morning the couple joins “Starting Point,” to share their story.

Mr. Natelborg says, “We had just pulled up and were parked sitting in the car and we heard the sound of just like a tree blowing in the wind but then we saw the tree in front of us to our left coming at us and we hardly had time to react.” Mr. Natelborg adds that he and his wife “just instinctively got down as low as [they] could.”

Mrs. Natelborg says the tree “fell pretty quickly” but once it had fallen, “it was nice to be able to talk with Chris and be able to …talk to each other about not having any injuries and pull out my phone and call 911.”

Mr. Natelborg adds, that he was later told the paramedics when arriving on the scene, “were probably more nervous than we were.”

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October 16th, 2012
01:43 PM ET

Pop singer Mika shares details of new album and how his sister's accident inspired him to write music

Mika shot to stardom in 2007 with the release of his first single "Grace Kelly." His upbeat debut album "Life in Cartoon Motion" sold nearly 6 million copies worldwide, earning him a Grammy nomination.

Mika's third album is now out today to great reviews. It's called "The Origin of Love" and the single from that is called "Celebrate."

Mika talks to Soledad O'Brien and the "Starting Point" team this morning about the latest album, how he got into music and how his sister's terrible accident inspired him to write music.

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September 10th, 2012
12:45 PM ET

Award-Winning Journalist Lynn Povich: There are 'still very few women at the top'

Award-winning journalist Lynn Povich is one of 46 women who organized and filed a lawsuit with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in 1970, citing discrimination against women in hiring and promotion. More than 30 years later, the first promoted female senior editor of Newsweek writes of the experience in her book, “The Good Girls Revolt.”

“We would actually go in to the ladies room. Look under the stalls, see who was there, and if no one else was there, we’d approach someone at the sink and say, ‘You know I have to check a story by this guy and it’s terrible, or I could do it better,’ and if they responded, we’d say, ‘We’re thinking of doing something to change this,’" Povich says of organizing women at Newsweek to file the complaint. "And then we would start reeling people in one by one.”

For Povich, there has been “enormous progress” for women seeking jobs in the media industry and in corporations since 1970. However, there are "still very few women at the top" in the media industry and in corporations, she says. In Newsweek, for example, only 43 of 49 cover stories published in 2009 were written by men.

“I do think that there's still an imbalance," Povich argues. "I think also that women need to push themselves more... It’s a question about how much is discrimination and how much do women still need to have the confidence to go forward, because they certainly have the skill and they certainly have the talent.”

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May 1st, 2012
11:59 AM ET

Michael Jordan's mom Deloris asks kids to 'Dream Big'

Deloris Jordan, mother of basketball legend Michael Jordan, on her book "Dream Big" and helping children reach goals.

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