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March 21st, 2013
09:59 AM ET

Rep. King: President Obama's Middle East trip a success

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) on President Obama's first presidential visit to Israel and talks of a renewed peace plan.

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September 17th, 2012
11:41 AM ET

Rep. Peter King: 'I don't care what Fact Check says' about Obama 'apology tour'

In yet another suspected green-on-blue attack, attackers dressed as Afghan police killed four coalition troops in southern Afghanistan early Sunday, according to James Graybeal, a spokesman with NATO's International Security Assistance Force.

On Starting Point this morning, Rep. Peter King weighs in on this attack, explaining that the CIA is giving the case a lot of attention.

"It's bad enough when you're killed in battle," King says. "But to have it by people sneaking in or actually people supposedly on our side turning against us, this can't be tolerated. We have to find out a way to stop it."

King also clarifies comments he's made accusing President Obama of engaging in an "apology tour" in the Middle East.

"What it's done is it's created a climate, it's created an attitude in the Middle East where our allies don't trust us, where those who are undecided are starting to hedge their bets and turn against us," King explains. "We have nothing to apologize to the Muslim world at all. We have not sacrificed our ideals."

Regarding how the attack in Libya may have been different if Romney were president, King says, "I hope we would have had more security in Benghazi when the ambassador went there. That to me on September 11th, you had no extra security in an al Qaeda stronghold in Libya, to me, appears to have been irresponsible."

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September 14th, 2012
12:59 PM ET

Romney adviser: 'There was evidence of what was going to happen in Egypt a week or so' ago

Anti-American protests continued to flare up in countries around the world overnight, and U.S. embassies are bracing for more violence as the day progresses.

Amb. Richard Williamson, Romney campaign senior foreign policy adviser, responds to how the Obama administration is handling the situation on Starting Point this morning.

"I think what we're seeing in Yemen and Egypt and Libya is turmoil that's very disturbing, that crowds U.S. interests and, frankly, is part of a pattern where they see less resolve and strength of the United States," Williamson says.

Regarding the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Libya, Williamson says that "there are things that can and should have been done" by the government to prevent the violence against the embassy.

"We should have learned the lessons of the Baltics, of Timor Leste, of Sierra Leone, and that is we go in to help during reconciliation and reconstruction. The administration chose not to do that," Williamson explains. "Second, 9/11 is 9/11. It's not a surprise that this is a day where bad things might happen and it's disturbing to get some reports of intelligence that may have not been followed up."

When pressed to explain how Mitt Romney would have handled the various protests differently, Williamson explains that while Obama "cut assistance to democracy and civil society groups in Egypt dramatically when he came into office," Romney would "be more active, trying to work with civil society and reform movements so we would be partners in this evolution."

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April 16th, 2012
09:39 AM ET

CIA Field Commander Gary Berntsen says Afghan security forces are responsible for recent defeat of insurgent attacks

CIA Field Commander Gary Berntsen says insurgents "are not threatening US facilities in the sense that they're going to overwhelm any of these facilities". He says the afghan security forces are stepping up and meeting challenges and public discussion about whether or not to withdraw troops provides nurture to the Taliban.

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February 27th, 2012
11:42 AM ET

Quran burning protests escalate

Retired Army Col. David Lamm weighs in on the Taliban's role in the ongoing violence in Afghanistan.

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