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February 18th, 2013
08:30 AM ET

Lyn St. James: My advice for Danica Patrick

NASCAR racer Danica Patrick becomes the first woman to ever win the pole position at the Daytona 500, getting a first row start this Sunday.

Lyn St. James, a fmr. Indycar racer who won the 1992 Indianapolis 500 rookie of the year, talks about Patrick's influence in NASCAR and shares some advice for the popular driver.

"This is also a great milestone for all women," St. James tells Soledad on "Starting Point" this morning. "It's one of the only sports that men and women compete equally. Not many sports are like that. I think it kind of reflects society, because women are making such great inroads. But we need reminders that if given an opportunity, given the right equipment, given the right skill opportunity and support, that women are very capable. We needs reminders of that, and that's what she's doing.

St. James also shares advice for Patrick. Check out the video above.

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November 15th, 2012
12:16 PM ET

NASCAR bad boy Kurt Busch discusses new documentary about his career

Winning 24 Cup races is not the only thing NASCAR Cup Driver Kurt Busch is well known for. The second-generation racing driver has constantly made headlines for his fiery temper and behavior on the racetrack. In fact, he was once on GQ’s "most hated athlete" list, just behind Barry Bonds and Terrell Owens. In a documentary about his life titled "The Outlaw," the NASCAR driver talks about his fall from grace on the fast track.

When it comes to documentaries Busch says, watching “everybody go up and go down and have all the problems that they do,” is what “makes America so entertaining.” The NASCAR driver adds that it is no secret that he and cameras have never really gotten along but he did this because he “had so much footage from one weekend where [he was] doing a lot of awareness around PTSD.”

On whether he considers himself a nice guy, Busch says, “Well there’s always that Busch brother problem.” He adds, “I have a fiery attitude when I put the helmet on. It’s just that mentality of when you go into battle and you’re a sports guy, you have to do what it takes to win and sometimes it rubs people the wrong way.”

Busch says his “attitude sometimes overshadows the effort” that he is putting forth and makes him into “this villain and this black hat wearing character.” He adds, that NASCAR driver Jimmy Johnson “does everything the right way, is very clean and he does it at the fundamental level.”

Busch says overall, the documentary is meant “to just show me in a different lens” and show how exactly certain situations developed and garnered a particular reaction.



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