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May 30th, 2013
11:43 AM ET

Adam Levine: "I don't hate America!": CNN's Pamela Brown reports

Singer expressed frustration with "The Voice" results when two of his contestants were voted off the popular singing competition show.

CNN's Pamela Brown reports Adam Levine is pledging his allegiance to his country today after coming under fire for saying some unpatriotic words.

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April 1st, 2013
11:13 AM ET

The 'Real Housewives' of medicine? 'Married to Medicine' star Quad Webb-Lunceford on the fascination with doctors

What do you get when you take the "Real Housewives" and mix it with a spoonful of medicine? Try the new Bravo reality TV show "Married to Medicine."

The show follows six Atlanta women: two women are doctors, and four of them are doctor's wives. One of the cast members, Quad Webb-Lunceford, is a psychiatrist's wife who feels like she is being bullied by the other women. This morning, she joins John and Brooke on “Starting Point” to discuss her new reality show about the battles of women in and around medicine.

Webb-Lunceford, who works as a medical sales representative, says the series premiere garnered almost 2 million viewers because “people are infatuated with medicine.” She adds that scripted shows such as “Grey’s Anatomy” and “General Hospital” had viewers glued to the television but her unscripted show offers a new fiery element in the world of reality TV.

Regarding public criticism, Webb-Lunceford says her husband was nervous at first but after thoroughly discussing the reality show they were able to move forward.

Viewers can watch “Married to Medicine” every Sunday night on Bravo at 9/8c.

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January 11th, 2013
09:56 AM ET

“Totally T-Boz” & Life After TLC, former TLC singer-songwriter Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins talks recovery from brain tumor & musical career

A blast from the past visits the studio this morning. You know her from her multiple chart-topping songs with the female trio TLC. Songs like "Waterfalls", “No Scrubs” and “Unpretty” are sure to come to mind.

Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins is a songwriter, a four-time Grammy winner, an actress, and now the star of a new reality show called "Totally T-Boz". Airing on Tuesdays on TLC, "Totally T-Boz" shows the artist as she deals with recovering from a brain tumor, raising her daughter, and sustaining her musical career. She touches on all of that on “Starting Point” today.

T-Boz, who considers herself very private, turned down other reality show opportunities. She says she was surprised she decided to do "Totally T-Boz". “I can't believe I'm doing this, but I did it because it kind of fell on my lap,” she says. “I was like, this is where I'm at in my life and TLC was interested in following me, not leading me, and there's not ten years of technology to tell you about a the brain tumor, so maybe I can speak up and help somebody and then you'll learn more about me, TLC and how I became who I am today.”

T-Boz has not only recovered from removing a brain tumor, she also battles sickle-cell anemia. But she says she feels great. “I’m done with physical therapy. I’m back on my feet. Of course I have sickle cell,” she says. “There's no cure, so I deal with that but I’m doing great honestly. I just have to take care of myself.”

At age 42, T-Boz is doing just that and much more. VH1 is doing a biopic about TLC celebrating the group’s 20th anniversary and T-Boz says she is willing to dedicate time working on music for the movie and look after herself. “I think if you strategically plan it out right, I can do both, because I have to,” she says. “This can't last forever and I think you should use this avenue to move and merge on to other things.”

That includes charity work. “I help people in my personal time,” she says. “That's what I do because I was that kid in the hospital; I was told I couldn't live past 30 or have kids. They said I’d be disabled and I superseded that. So meshing music with charity,...I found that niche here to bring both of my passions together.”

January 4th, 2013
09:18 AM ET

Big game hunting adventure show returns Sunday; "MeatEater" host, author Steve Rinella & "The 4-Hour Chef" author Tim Ferriss on season 3 premiere

If you consider yourself a hardcore "MeatEater", “Starting Point” guests Timothy Ferriss and Steve Rinella might just put you to shame. Steve Rinella is author of "MeatEater" and host of the Sportsman Channel show by the same name. Rinella is an experienced outdoorsman and hunter who loves to take a walk on the wild side. His show is all about big adventure, big game hunting and big meals. The third season of “MeatEater” premieres this Sunday on the Sportsman Channel.

Timothy Ferriss is the author of the best-selling book, “The 4-Hour Chef”. Ferriss appears on the show to travel with Rinella to the remotest corner of Alaska to catch caribou in Sunday's episode. Both of them come to the studio with a taste of their adventure. They even bring caribou jerky and squirrel ragout on Rinella’s wedding China for the anchors to eat.

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August 13th, 2012
12:11 PM ET

Olympic gold medalist Picabo Street goes military in new reality show 'Stars Earn Stripes'

Downhill skier and Olympic gold medalist Picabo Street has a new gig: A new reality series called "Stars Earn Stripes." In the show, Street and seven other celebrities are paired with members of the Armed Forces, taking on military-style challenges for charity.

Street tells Soledad on "Starting Point" explains why her patriotism led her to jump at the chance thank military members for their service.

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