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June 20th, 2012
12:43 PM ET

SBC incoming president Rev. Fred Luter Jr. says he disagrees with President Obama on gay marriage, says marriage is between a man and a woman

Today marks an historic day for the Southern Baptist Convention. The country's largest Protestant body has elected Reverend Fred Luter Jr., it's first African-American president. His election comes 160 years after the SBC was founded as a pro-slavery church and 17 years after its leaders apologized for the denomination's support of white supremecist and segregationist policies. Rev. Luter officially becomes the president this evening.

This morning on "Starting Point," Rev. Luter talks with Soledad about the significance of his election, and talks about putting the church's past behind and looking to the future. He also addresses the question of gay marriage, saying that though the church loves everybody, including those in the gay community, he stands by the definition of marriage as being with one man and one woman.

See more from the interview below.