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January 4th, 2013
09:37 AM ET

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine steps in for prosecution in Steubenville rape case

A new photo was released by “hacktivist” group Anonymous of the victim in the center of the Steubenville rape case. Mike DeWine, Attorney general in Ohio, was called in to help with the investigation and handle the prosecution. He speaks with John and Brooke.

The case gained a spotlight when a video was released of the local high school's football players talking about the victim. With so much emphasis on social media today, these two pieces shared through social media take center stage of the case. As for the case being affected by the media, DeWine says, “I guess I have two reactions, one is this case needs to be tried not in the media, not in the social media, but in court, in front of a judge and it will be on February 13th.”

However, the D.A. is open to receiving any evidence pertinent to the case. He's just not fond of releasing it through social media before allowing a court to examine it, saying, “People have a first amendment right, but my focus is on prosecuting the case. We have two experienced prosecutors who are handling the case. I think we need to confine this case to a courtroom. The evidence will come out."

He is confident going into this trial. DeWine feels that if the trial runs according to the American legal system, a verdict will be found and the victim will be served justice. Altering that system may set off a cycle of unfair treatment. “That’s the way our system works, that’s the way it should work. I think the second thing that is obvious in any rape case is that it is a great tragedy. This one is different only in the sense that the victim has been victimized but each time something goes up on the internet, the victim is victimized again," he says.